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In this section I'm going to show you the process I go through in producing a rendering with one of my techniques. In this example I am using a hand drawing created with a Pilot Razor Point, Prismacolor color pencils and Photoshop.
Step 1:
Add base color for the stone by applying a light wash 
Step 2:
Select the desired color for the stucco
and apply a medium wash
Base color wash complete
Step 3:
Add a light wash for the roof tile and color the shutters and windows
Step 4:
Go back and add texture to the roof tile and stone  by applying heavy color to create dimension

Step 6:

Once you are happy with building, start adding color to the landscape

Step 5:
Color in the remaining details on the building such as doors and rafter tails

Step 7:

When you are finished with drawing and are satisfied, next step is bring into Photoshop for the finishing touches


Completed drawing with shadows, sky and a few other touches to make the drawing "pop"!

China Highrise Base Studies
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